Welcome to Cruisin' Groomin' LLC, a mobile dog salon!  

  • I groom your dog in the convenience of your driveway in my modern Wagn Tails  customized grooming van!  Your dog feels at home because he is at home.
  • No drives to & from a shop and back again for you and your dog! Hand blow out & brush out; no cages. Potty walks before and after groom & H2O refreshments.
  • Your dog is pampered from nose to tail receiving one-on-one professional attention in a relaxed environment. Many dogs are nervous and require extra time. My goal is a positive experience for your dog, so I take my time and reassure them; if they don't love it why do it?  This is truly LESS STRESS for your pets!
  • No exposure to other animals; which eliminates stress, potential danger, parasites, fear and anxiety.
  • I can keep your dog looking their best with recurring appointments. I will book your next appointment before I drive away. Your dog will never have a "bad fur day" again and will always  look, smell and feel their best!


       I'm cruising and grooming in:

  • Westerville 43082
  • Galena 43021
  • Lewis Center 43035
  • Sunbury 43074 

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